Help and FAQs

If you experience problems with the online entry process, or if you have any questions about entering the Environmental Photographer of the Year competition that are not answered in the competition rules or the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) detailed below, please contact CIWEM.

Create an account and complete the online application here.

There is no entry fee. Each entrant may only enter a maximum of three (3) images.

At the initial stage, all still photographs should be submitted as JPEGs, saved at a high quality level with a maximum file size of 199MB. Please check the Digital Specifications and Digital Adjustment Guidelines on the Rules and Guidelines section of this website for further details. No borders, watermarks or signatures should be included.

Each entrant may submit a maximum of three (3) photos. Each photo needs to be submitted individually.

You will need to complete a separate and individual submission for each of your photos.

Yes, black and white images can be entered into all categories.


Yes, you may enter previously published photos, but please don’t enter photos that have already received an award or recognition in another international photography competition.

Yes, photographs taken on a mobile phone can be submitted. Please ensure your photographs meet the image resolution and format requirements.

You can make changes to your entry before you submit. You can’t make any changes after you submitted your photo(s).

Check that each of your image files are 199MB or less and that they are the accepted file type – JPEG. If you still encounter problems, please contact EPOTY by email at

Full details of the 2023 competition categories can be found here.

Anyone born on or after 31st August 2002 is automatically entered into this category. For entrants under 18 parental permission must be received from the parent or guardian of the photographer. Proof of age may be required after your submission has been completed.

When you submit your photos they are automatically entered into the competition for title of Environmental Photographer of the Year. If you are aged 21 or under you are also automatically entered into the competition for the title of Nikon’s Young Environmental Photographer of the Year. You do not have to select either of these titles in your submission form.