Introducing the 2022 jury panel

Roie Galitz

Roie is a world-renowned wildlife photographer, environmental diplomat, entrepreneur and public speaker. Roie’s passion is in the great outdoors, photographing endangered wildlife and habitats, but that has also made him more aware of nature's distress as human activity increases its influence. Galitz is a Greenpeace Ambassador, a Nikon Europe Ambassador, as well as an ambassador for Gitzo, Sandisk Professional and Lowepro. Roie has founded several companies with the love for photography, creation and our amazing world at heart. He serves in executive and advisory boards on sustainability and pressing environmental issues.

Matilde Gattoni

Matilde is an award-winning French-Italian photographer based in Barcelona who covers social, environmental and human rights issues around the world. She has worked extensively in the Middle East, South and Central Asia and Africa, covering topics such as droughts, illegal mining, mass migrations, large scale land grabbing and climate change. Her work has been published in more than one hundred newspapers and magazines worldwide. In 2014, Matilde co-founded the agency Tandem Reportages with the aim to produce independent, in-depth stories on relevant contemporary issues such as the mass exploitation of natural resources and the relationship between mankind and the environment.

Daisy Gilardini

Daisy is a conservation photographer who specializes in the Polar Regions, with a particular emphasis on Antarctic wildlife and North American bears. She is a member of the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP), the SeaLegacy Collective, the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, a fellow of the Explorers Club, Greenpeace Antarctic Ambassador and Canadian Geographic photographer in residence. Daisy’s images have been published internationally in leading magazines such as National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, Canadian Geographic, Nature’s Best and Outdoor Photography, among many others.

Victor Moriyama

Victor is a photojournalist and a regular contributor to The New York Times, covering South America and the Amazon rainforest. His works document the processes of violence that prevail in social and environmental relations in Brazil, including agrarian conflicts, deforestation and conservation of tropical forests, and acceleration of climate change. Victor created the project @historiasamazonicas, a community of Latin American photographers committed to documenting contemporary processes taking place in the Amazon and defining the present. His idea is to expand world knowledge and engage global society with problems within the largest tropical forest in the world.

Wacera Njagi

Wacera is a photo editor at Everyday Africa. Their work blends hands-on design for photo, art direction and media project management, utilising varied communication mediums, design disciplines and research techniques. Wacera has collaborated with storytelling teams at World Press Photo Foundation, Black Women Photographers, Code For Africa, The ICRC and others. Through their role at Everyday Africa, Wacera strives to make stories that convey a more accurate view of daily African life than what is commonly seen in the media.


The jury panel will review, score, and select photos in two phases. No information about the photographer’s identity is provided to the jury at any time during the judging process.

Phase 1:  independent review and scoring

The jury members review and score a long list of images that meet the competition criteria as stated in the rules and conditions and passed our internal pre-screening (and the ethics panel, where applicable). In this phase, each jury member reviews submissions independently.

Phase 2: panel review and winner selection

All jury members meet virtually to review and discuss the highest-scoring submissions. During this phase, the panel decides on the two grand prize winners, the category winners, and the exhibition shortlist.