EPOTY 2023 announces winners

The winners of the 2022 Environmental Photographer of the Year are today announced. The competition, launched by CIWEM and WaterBear and presented by Nikon in association
with MPB and supported by Arup, attracted thousands of online submissions from over 159

Q&A with Rachel Thompson, MPB’s VP of Sustainability

The EPOTY team is a huge fan of the work that MPB does in the space of circularity and extending the lifespan of your camera kit. To learn a bit more about how that all works, we caught up with Rachel Thompson, VP of Sustainability.

EPOTY23 announces ethics panel

The 2022 edition of the Environmental Photographer of the Year competition was the first one to feature an ethics panel. Today, we are extremely pleased to announce our three ethics panel members for 2023…

Jonas Beyer discusses his EPOTY22 entries

Jonas Beyer submitted three photos to EPOTY22, all three taken in the vicinity of Svalbard (Norway). In a recent video interview, Jonas briefly shares the thought processes as well as other insights that go into his photography…

Our ethics statement: behind the scenes

Last week we published our first ethics statement. A first and not a final version, because in the statement we also pledge to review its contents annually. This statement has been a long time coming…

EPOTY announces 2022 winners

The winners of the 2022 Environmental Photographer of the Year are today announced by CIWEM (water and environmental management charity), WaterBear (free streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet), Nikon (world-leading imaging product provider) and Arup (sustainable development professional services firm).

EPOTY22 takes a more ethical approach

CIWEM assembled a team of experts on ethics to look through this year’s Environmental Photographer of the Year entries. Their advice is helping the judging panel to pick this year’s winners based on tighter ethical standards.

Digital Camera World interviews Giacomo d’Orlando

The Environmental Photographer of the Year award has never been more critical, as it continues to shine a spotlight on the most inspirational environmental photographers from across the globe and raise awareness of the environmental issues our planet is facing.