Introducing the 2018 jury panel

Ashley Cooper

Ashley Cooper is an environmental photographer who has always been passionate about the environment in general and years Global Warming in specific – he has been documenting the effects of the climate crisis for the last 11 years. His trips have taken him to many parts of the world with his particular interest being in capturing images that graphically demonstrate the impact of global warming, on people, places and wildlife.

Georgina Pavellin

Georgina Pavellin has been at Olympus for nearly 10 years and has past marketing experience from various industries. Raising awareness of important topics and supporting photographers combines her personal enthusiasm for marketing, environmental issues and art. Having her art work published from age 15 and supporting the launch of a gallery at 18, imagery is more than a career, it's a passion.

Terry Fuller

Terry Fuller is Chief Executive of CIWEM, he is responsible for the delivery of the Institution’s strategic aims, its services to members and the public interest. He has nearly 30 year’s experience as a River and Coastal flood risk manager having delivered major projects in some of the world’s most beautiful and challenging locations.

Jack Harries

Jack Harries is a 25-year-old documentary photographer, film-maker and activist. Through the success of his blog Jack has focused on raising awareness around climate change, forced migration and mental health. Over the last few years he has covered environmental stories in Greenland, Somaliland, Bhutan and Kiribati. Jack is an Antarctic Ambassador for Greenpeace and has worked with the WWF, UN Environment, Teenage Cancer Trust and The School Fund.

Karen Thomas

Karen Thomas is Editor of The Environment, the magazine for the water and environment industry. Featuring news and articles about the diverse spectrum of work in which our members engage and the regulatory and topical issues affecting them.

Leila Urekenova

Leila Urekenova is Programme Analyst at the UN Environment’s Europe Office, where she is involved with the management of a portfolio of projects in the European region. She coordinates the work of the Geneva Science-Policy Platform on Environment and Security, a forum which brings together scientists and policymakers in search of innovative solutions to address the environment and security nexus.

Mahir Aliyev

Mahir Aliyev is Regional Coordinator for Europe of the UN Environment’s Europe Office in Geneva, Switzerland where, among other duties, he runs the environment and security, international waters, and regional and country coordination work. He also represents UN Environment in inter-agency cooperation.

Matilde Gattoni

Matilde Gattoni is an award-winning French-Italian photographer based in Milan and covering social, environmental and human rights issues around the world. Since the start of her career in 2000, she has worked extensively in the Middle East, South and Central Asia and Africa, covering topics such as droughts, refugee emergencies, illegal mining, mass migrations, large scale land grabbing and climate change for more than one hundred newspapers and magazines worldwide.